Hose Flex, A.I.R. smog pump to AC #14031168 AC159 NOS 1980L-81 125.00 Smog, A.I.R. Pipe, Air injection reactor RH #333832 1966-74   NOS                                       1977-80     65.00  image
Smog Bracket, 14018783 lst Des. Used
    w/non threaded bushing                                                   		1980-82     139.00  image
Smog Bracket, 14037668 replacement for 14018783
      Used   includes threaded nut insert                                 		1980-82     150.00  image
Smog Bracket, NOS #14037668 w/#on part
   listed for   1980-81 - also replacement for part # 14018783
   which was canceled and replaced.                                     		1980-82     275.00  image
Smog Pump, w/Pop Off Valve/A.I.R. w/diverter valve w/correct
	Muffler reinforcement brace, elbow, adaptor.  Correct
	Molded hose w/original Wittek clamps. Date 2-68
	Original adjustment brace, original mounting bracket,
	W/correct bolt & lock nut.  Original pulley w/correct  
	Finish #3917234.  Bolts & steel spacer. Original
	Vacuum hose w/green stripe. Correct white fan.
Small Block SOLD 1968 695.00 image
Smog Pump Set Up, including Smog Pump #X317425
Pulley, #3927116AU w/spacer Manifold,
Diverter Valve #DC 7030760 22141,
Support Bracket, Pipe, Check Valve, Black fan blade.
Original Rubber Hose, Original Wittek Tower clamps.
Adjustment brace is missing 1975-76 750.00 image
Smog Pump Set Up, off of a 1975 L-48 w/AT & AC
             Check valve & exhaust tube, hose w/ 1¼" Wittek Tower clamps,
             Smog pump w/mounting bolts w/black fan blade,
             Pump #2188519, Diverter valve w/mounting elbow,
             Valve #DC7030760 18051, Pulley #3927116AU w/spacer
             and bolts. No mounting bracket or adjustment brace
                                                                       	                   	1975-76     650.00   image 
Valve, Air Check Valve #5361992 on part
     Correct dichromate finish Used                                            	1968-74       50.00   image

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